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Optimization of resources, fleet routes and waste collection

Become more efficient in collecting and cleaning services by cutting operational costs and increasing the productivity of service workers and fleet maintenance.

  • Design of new waste collection patterns based on citizens’ behaviour.
  • Dynamic routes depending on the trash containers’ real time load.
  • Workers, drivers and citizens equipped with an application to open service incidences.
  • Web platform: Collected data is stored and analysed which allows for fast and efficient adjustment of the service in real time.

Agile response to accidents, unplanned events, natural disasters and other day-to-day emergencies

NEC Incident Management solution based on the CCOC platform provides fast and coordinated responses though a unique system which supports incident detection from both detection sensors and Council systems. Data fusion methods are employed to obtain more complete, accurate, and efficient incident detection performance by integrating real-time data and historical data obtained from all available detection sources.

Once an incident has been detected, a rapid response time is achieved thanks to the fact that much of the incident information can be completed automatically by the solution. Based on the incident type, location, severity and affected equipment, the system generates a response plan in real-time for minor and moderate incidents.

Security, video surveillance, alarms and emergency situations control

Comprehensive solution that takes advantage of CCOC ability to integrate systems from various sources at public safety agencies. It also provides city managers with tools to monitor and grant public safety through technology capable of helping them to identify individuals and behavioural patterns through Neoface, the #1 facial recognition technology as ranked by NIST analysis, as well as various video and images analysis tolls capable of working in multiple and demanding environments.
The solution combines real time revenue protection and law enforcement forensic analysis, to provide real-time protection for people, assets and infrastructure even in high transit places.

Leakage detection, water quality and maintenance

CCOC with integrated IoT technologies from its partners, enables early recognition of leaks inside a building to avoid significant damage and water loss in the consumer´s home, and sends out an alarm to the service operators providing geographical situation.

Furthermore, CCOC integrated with the legacy systems of the public water supplier gathers all the data to manage these and any kind of incidences and creates notification workflows using data from other sources such as: police department, public transport, waste collection, etc., without the need for IoT devices, to take action from emergency teams.

It also generates water consumption predictions, based on historical consumption data, and detects abnormal consumption situations.

Lighting management in public roads and spaces

The solution includes replacing all conventional street lights with high-efficiency lights; reflective light quality improvement; regulation of the luminous flux depending on the presence of vehicles and persons and according to different luminosity levels; light power adaption depending on the time of the day. All this results in an energy consumption reduction of 30%.

On the other hand, the solution improves maintenance efficiency. For instance, light intensity grows when movement is detected, allowing to establish the proper light level according to the presence of vehicles or pedestrians. This makes citizens feel safer and saves energy at the same time.

Above all, monitoring networks and consumption avoids fraud in energy consumption, for instance, while reinforcing sustainability and population awareness.

Intuitive traffic monitoring, vehicle tracking, parking and fleet management

NEC Mobility Solution provides advanced analytics to optimize the resources on fleet maintenance and management of public transportation thanks to CCOC features.
In addition, CCOC improves the dynamic management of parking pricing and tariffs, enhances the effectiveness of sanctions management for public entities […] in charge of managing infrastructure, average parking time and cost per user. The solution includes sensors in parking slots to provide citizens with real time data on occupation and traffic flow.
The solution allow for reports on traffic situation across the city to the citizens as a combination of real time information and applied algorithms. It also provides information on events like traffic congestion on access roads, closed roads due to maintenance work and alarm triggering on traffic incidences.

Automation processes and systems fully integrated to address changing industrial demands

Thanks to technological advances, the industry is evolving exponentially in recent years. Production processes are increasingly efficient and are more interconnected. Smart manufacturing has been defined as the fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real- time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory and in the customer needs.

NEC Industry 4.0 solution based on the CCOC platform puts together connectivity and the ability to acquire and exchange data for improved efficiency on levels such as automation, analysis, and maintenance.

In addition the solution enables monitoring the processes and incidences to take the best decisions.

Information points, tourist routes, port and airport control

This solution analyses big amounts of data coming from multiple and complex information sources such as open data website, booking websites, city council internal systems, information systems for Point of Interest and creates intelligent routes for tourists and citizens in real time with recommendations.

The solution helps authorities offer citizens better services and improves management of public services such as mobility, accessibility and transport, infrastructure, security, emergency, cleaning, etc.ied

Big Data solution for healthcare & social services planning

Data correlation of social services, healthcare, population, economic activity, electricity and water supplies, waste management, and others, is the most revolutionary approach to solve the toughest problems our cities (and society) have to face. Our solution aggregates data about social services, health, population, economic activity, utility usage, waste management, and more. Then, it uses the data to identify and predict groups and areas that will need help.

With its user-friendly dashboards, you’ll be able to visualize what’s happening and make better decisions to help vulnerable populations.