A solution for the present

The transformation of cities

Public authorities are taking advantage of ICT technologies with the aim of reducing costs and improving public services. Smart technologies in particular can help address some of the challenges of mass urban development by contributing to optimising the use of resources and improving services through better management of supply and demand. Considerable effort has been made to turn our cities into smart cities, but much of this focuses on connecting cities by installing a large number of sensors, cameras and other devices.

What is CCOC?

It’s a horizontal platform that provides a holistic view of the supplier’s services, thus allowing for a centralized and efficient management point.

It can be considered that the platform acts as a brain, since it allows to monitor and control both real-time and historical data coming from different services. These data are treated, analysed and correlated in the platform in order to allow decision-making and efficient management based on quality indicators and defined objectives.

Why choose CCOC?

Manage & monitor city resources

CCOC aggregates the data obtained and analyses it so that it can be displayed on a control panel. This allows to write reports, configure alarms and visualize KPIs in a fast and simple way that helps city leaders to make day-to-day decisions with greater security and knowledge.

Customized  implementation

The CCOC is configured with a modular structure flexible enough to adapt and take advantage of what the city already has installed. Additionally NEC is able to leverage the most efficient solution for each different city’s specific needs, because enjoys a broad integrator capacity and has a growing ecosystem of partners, such as developers, systems integrators and IT companies to build value-added solutions.

Cross-sectoral Smart City Platform

The Cloud City Operations Center (CCOC) has a solid software base capable of operating on a large scale and with the speed to calculate and analyse various data sources and formats, but without neglecting its utility in terms of the roles played by public operators, so that they can see and manage the information that concerns them.

Easy integration with other applications

Based on open standards, the CCOC uses API interfaces that allow easy integration with other existing applications or even with those that are currently under development.

CCOC is certified by FIWARE, the European initiative enabling the right framework for the creation of innovative developments that facilitate the use of platforms and applications at a lower cost and at a City scale.

Data Security

NEC is a trusted provider which guarantees the security of its platform through independent entities such as CHECK and OWASP responsible for carrying out a “Penetration Test” that consists in searching for vulnerabilities in the systems and then presenting a technical solution to any detected security problem, thus ensuring its robustness.

Friendly user interface

Solution designed with a simple interface, easy to understand and manage, and fully supported by NEC who carries out courses and workshops to facilitate their learning.