Lisbon, Portugal

Integrated management and QoL

NEC has been selected by the Municipality of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, to implement a smart city infrastructure project aimed at improving the daily operation and coordination of multiple city services, bolstering security and ultimately improving the Quality of Life (QoL) for residents.

NEC will utilize its Cloud City Operation Center (CCOC) to integrate 10 internal systems managed by Lisbon’s city government and 30 external systems managed by several partners of the Municipality of Lisbon, and build a Municipal Service Operation Center capable of overseeing the entire city. In addition, NEC will use its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for real-time collection and analysis of information from around the city, thereby contributing to the swift provision of municipal services in response to various situations.

  • Improve the services it delivers to local residents while reducing costs.
  • Minimise wastage, increase the timeliness of communications with local residents and free up staff to focus on longer-term strategic planning.
  • Manage traffic congestion, parking and public transport availability, street lighting and pollution levels, refuse collection services and park irrigation systems and temperature, pollen count, noise, carbon monoxide and ambient light levels.
  • Multimodal Transport and Pedestrian Counting traffic flow solution for counting transport modes.
  • Data analytics and visualisation.
  • Cloud City Operating Centre that integrates Smart City components into a functional dashboard.
  • Living Lab project to improve community wellbeing and the safety of citizens, sharing this information with the public via a smartphone app and website.
  • An integrated operating system that enables big data analytics and provides an open-source data exchange between agencies.
  • Provision of real-time information to the right people enhances informed decision-making.
  • Ability to track how water, waste, lighting, power, roads and other resources are used in response to real-time environmental conditions.
  • Improved journey planning and alternatives to car transportation.

"I want to thank NEC for the compromise they are going to assume for the next years for such an essential and determinant matter for Lisbon".

Dr. Duarte Cordeiro, Lisbon City Council Deputy Mayor.