Royal Borough of Greenwich

Digital Greenwich

NEC collaborates with Digital Greenwich on the use of big data analytics and visualisation to improve public and commercial services for local residents, as part of the newly-announced Greenwich Smart City Strategy. This includes developing innovative smart city technologies and approaches to support the economic, social and physical regeneration of the borough – making it a better place for people to live, visit and work in.

  • Increasing population and visitors.
  • Higher demands for services.
  • Financial and resource constraints.
  • Promote business and enhance citizen’s lives.
  • Traffic congestion, high levels of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Multimodal Transport and Pedestrian Counting traffic flow solution for counting transport modes.
  • Data analytics and visualisation.
  • Cloud City Operating Centre that integrates Smart City components into a functional dashboard.
  • Living Lab project to improve community wellbeing and the safety of citizens.
  • An integrated operating system that enables big data analytics and provides an open-source data exchange between agencies.
  • Provision of real-time information to the right people enhances informed decision-making.
  • Open data available to local entrepreneurs and app developers, enabling them to create new services which are designed first and foremost with the needs of people of Greenwich.
  • Improved journey planning and alternatives to car transportation.

"Working with NEC will enable us to improve a wide range of services, including transport, social care, housing, waste management, smart grid and many others".

Councillor Denise Hyland, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich