Cantabria, Spain

Waste Management

NEC has unrivalled expertise in integrating smart city M2M sensors with data analysis and visualisation software to create a total solution that contributes to the welfare of communities, in this case, NEC is developing a smart waste collection solution for Cantabria in Spain in partnership with waste management service provider Sodercan.

This helps Cantabria track how waste is collected in real-time, thus helping the region to minimise wastage, increase the timeliness of communications with local residents and free up resources.

  • The city of Santander waste management service often found empty bins in their routes, blocked roads and high traffic. This impacts service costs, pollution, quality of service and noise contamination.
  • Up till now, the municipal service was unaware of how full the bins were, vehicle emissions and running costs, resulting in a non-efficient and high cost collection service.
  • To solve these issues many KPIs needed to be improved.
  • The just-in-time waste collection service uses machine-to-machine (M2M) sensors that record the volume of rubbish in the bins, which is relayed via data collectors, repeaters and the mobile network to the control center.
  • The refuse collection vehicles are being equipped with onboard GPS tracking and navigation systems. The application software automatically recommends and distributes the most efficient collection routes to the teams and highlights locations that require immediate attention.
  • New environmental sensors on the vehicles will monitor carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions from car exhausts, which can cause smog and high ozone levels. This will help to create a more granular and comprehensive environmental map of the city and enable officials to take prompt action to safeguard the health of citizens.
  • The use of sensors that collect real-time data on rubbish and recycling bin levels enable the cleaning team to optimise collection intervals and routes.
  • The new service reduces vehicle emissions and running costs by eliminating journeys to bins that are virtually empty, and resulting in fewer incidences of overflowing bins.
  • This ensures Cantabria is creating an even cleaner environment for citizens to enjoy having the most efficient waste collection service, while minimising their impact on the environment and operational costs.

"We are impressed by the benefits NEC's Cloud City Operations Center platform has brought to the city. The new software will take this project to the next level".

Gema Igual, Former Mayor of Santander.