Cloud City Operations
Center (CCOC)

Integrated Solution that allows any operator to truly manage, interpret and automate responses to the data collected across any cyber physical system.

This solution is designed to meet Smart City requirements in a flexible, efficient and economical way. Moreover it’s powered by FIWARE standard, easing the development of new applications in multiple vertical segments.

The Smart City Process

"Working with NEC will enable us to improve a wide range of services, including transport, social care, housing, waste management, smart grid and many others".

Councillor Denise Hyland, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

"We are impressed by the benefits NEC's Cloud City Operations Center platform has brought to the city. The new software will take this project to the next level".

Íñigo de la Serna, Former Mayor of Santander.

"I want to thank NEC for the compromise they are going to assume for the next years for such an essential and determinant matter for Lisbon".

Dr. Duarte Cordeiro, Lisbon City Council Deputy Mayor.

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